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The CRA-2 Wireless Tablet allows you to walk around the classroom to take a closer look at what the students are doing and engage them easily. You don’t need to be stuck in front of the class all the time anymore!

Featuring an ergonomically designed, light weight, and battery free pen as well as 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and 0.3mm accuracy you’re going to experience a smooth, natural writing feel.

Use it with an ELMO document camera and annotate on live images, record your lesson instantly and share it with the whole class.

Use the CRA-2 as mouse to control the operation and features of your computer without being in front of it.

PC-Free Operation

The CRA-2 can also go PC-free when using a compatible ELMO Document Camera. Inserting the wireless receiver in the USB port of the Document Camera activates the embedded software for remote control of the document camera as well as tools to annotate on the camera image or a whiteboard.

CRA-full-battery-1024x708 (1).png

Long Battery Life

On a full charge, the CRA-2 Wireless Tablet offers approximately 15 hours of continuous operation.

Use with ELMO Interactive Toolbox (EIT)

Use the CRA-2 with the ELMO Interactive Toolbox software, for Windows and Mac, and you have a feature-rich classroom pair that allows for annotation on and control of ELMO Document Cameras, the use of multiple whiteboards for creating ad-hoc content, and the ability to annotate on and control your computer desktop without leaving the software.



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