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AirMedia® Wireless Conferencing is Here!

A wireless collaboration solution that enables secure wireless collaboration in the modern digital workspace is the AirMedia® Receiver 3000 (AM-3000-WF). Easy to deploy and manage, install the Receiver in conference rooms, huddle rooms, lounges, lobbies, or almost any space to establish a productive meeting environment.

With the addition of wireless conferencing capability, you can tap into your room’s conferencing peripherals; that’s in addition to the easy-to-use presentation capabilities. Quick, wireless access to cameras, speakers, microphones, and displays helps blur the lines between in-person and remote, making hybrid meetings more productive and easier to follow for all participants.

NEW! AM-3000-WF AirMedia Receiver.

Meeting spaces that are flexible and numerous are essential for hybrid workforces, but traditional meeting rooms cannot always meet their needs. Wireless presentation solutions and digital signage solutions from AirMedia® allow you to create the perfect environment for any room. Through AirMedia, any space can display digital signage or present information. It is integrated with Crestron's Flex Digital Workplace. Crestron Flex Digital Workplace, AirMedia gives any space the ability to present information or display digital signage.

The new AirMedia Receiver AM-3000 is the easiest way to enable these endless wireless possibilities on any display, regardless of the size of the room it’s in. Just a few seats in a small huddle area? Using wireless presentations on multiple displays, it can now host more productive meetings. Those same displays can also show important branding or building information when not in use. This AirMedia Receiver AM-3000 lets you share wirelessly and effortlessly whether you're using a device with the AirMedia application or an AirMedia Connect.AirMedia Connect, the AirMedia Receiver AM-3000 gives you the power to connect wirelessly and transform effortlessly.

Make the best use of every space

AM-3000’s go anywhere, show anything flexibility increases the functionality of smaller meeting rooms and huddle spaces by allowing users to wirelessly present to a local display.

Key Features

  • Complete room solution enables secure wireless AirMedia® presentation from laptops, smartphones, tablet devices, and AirMedia Connect Adapters

  • Enables smart automation via intelligent display control, personal device control, occupancy detection, and integration into a broader connected ecosystem

  • Enterprise-grade security and content encryption protects the privacy and ensures compliance with IT policies

  • XiO Cloud® service support for remote provisioning and management

  • Integrates with Appspace® digital signage software platform for content display

  • Supports content sharing of four simultaneous sources for multi-user collaboration with AirMedia Canvas.

Quickly integrate digital signage into existing displays

Crestron's ecosystem allows wireless presentation and digital signage to be configured so that each space looks and functions the same. AirMedia offers functional display usage wherever, whenever, and however you want with the AM-3100, AM-3200, and now AM-3000. AM-3100, AM-3200 and now the new AM-3000, AirMedia provides functional display usage where, when, and how you want it.

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