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ESCO Singapore's Audiovisual Integration for Video Game Developer's Office

Project Overview:

  • Client: American video game developer

  • Project Location: Singapore

  • Scope: Installation of Audio-Visual (AV) systems in multiple rooms, including various meeting rooms, a ritual/playroom, digital signage, a pantry, and a way-finder.

ESCO Singapore successfully undertook a project to equip multiple rooms for an American video game developer, with an office in Singapore. The client had specific audiovisual (AV) requirements for various room types and our Singapore team provided tailored solutions for each space.

Room Types and Equipment:

  • 1 & 2 Pax Huddle Room (x4): Avocor Desk 27" Display and Room Booking Panel from Logitech

  • 4 & 7 Pax Meeting Room: 55" Samsung Display with Logitech Rally Bar Mini and Logitech Tap Panel

  • Ritual & Playroom: 85" Samsung Display with QSC NC 12x80 Video Camera, QSC Core 110F Audio DSP, and IP to IR Controller with 10" Wireless Touch Panel (Apple iPad)

  • Digital Signages (x4): 55" Samsung Display

  • Pantry: 75" Samsung Display with 9 Ceiling Speakers

  • Way Finder (x3): 55" Samsung Display

  • Collaboration Area: 3 Mobile Trolleys

VC System installed for all rooms (except Digital Signage to Collaboration Area)


The project encountered a significant challenge with a condensed timeline, requiring an expedited and efficient execution strategy. The integration of Google Meet introduced a learning curve for our team as it was a new system for us. Swift adaptation and comprehensive training were crucial to ensuring a seamless transition.


  1. Efficient Project Management:

  • Streamlined workflow with meticulous scheduling.

  • Emphasis on coordination to meet the demanding timeline without compromising quality.

  • Overcame the challenge of integrating Google Meet through expertise in programming and engineering.

  • Ensured a smooth transition and efficient operation of the new system.

  • Engaged closely with trusted suppliers for technical assistance.

  • Collaborative efforts played a pivotal role in overcoming challenges related to system integration and hardware compatibility.

The Project Manager for this project says that video Conferencing System Installation and navigating challenges have been integral to delivering excellence. The condensed timeline prompted us to redefine efficiency, and the adoption of Google Meet, although new for us, became an opportunity for growth.

Our dedicated team, along with the invaluable support from our professional programmers, engineers, and esteemed partners Q-sys and Logitech, has not only met but surpassed the expectations set by these challenges.

This project showcases the resilience and adaptability of our team, turning challenges into milestones. Looking forward to continued success in delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

-By George Aung, Project Manager- ESCO SG


The successful execution of the project by our Singapore team resulted in enhanced collaboration and communication within the client's office, contributing to a modern and technologically advanced workspace. Despite challenges, efficient project management, professional support in programming and engineering, and collaboration with partners were key factors in delivering AV solutions. The tailored AV solutions met the unique requirements of each room type, reflecting ESCO's dedication to delivering top-notch audiovisual integration services.

ESCO Singapore meticulously selected and installed AV equipment from various reputable brands to meet the specific needs of each room type, ensuring a seamless and high-quality audiovisual experience for the client's office in Singapore. The project manager expresses confidence in continued success in delivering excellence to clients.

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