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ESCO Virtual Tour: Shaping the Future of Education through AV/IT

“Have you ever wondered what would life be without audiovisual aids? Would we reach this age of technology without it? Would the world be a better place without the sound and images to convey one’s idea?”

All these questions are answered in ESCO Philippines’ first-ever virtual tour, attended by approximately a hundred participants from well-known Universities in the Philippines.

ESCO Unified Solutions recently conducted a virtual event that tackles their complete Distance Learning Solutions. From Thermal imaging, facial recognition, video wall processor, video conferencing platforms, interactive screens, and document cameras. This demonstrates the complete package for the purpose of the new normal education.

The event separated into two sessions: breakout classroom and teaching rooms.

The Boardroom setup is where the participants will go through an automated meeting room simulation. On the other hand, the advanced interactive standard virtual classroom allows the participants to experience the hybrid classroom setup. The boardroom showcased our room booking solutions, control panel and video conferencing devices.

The huddle room was transformed into a standard classroom setup.

In a different room, they showcased the document camera and how it helps to project a 4k resolution of the item's image. It is also portable which enables educators to take it anywhere and everywhere.

The solutions presented are essential since the majority of the colleges and universities are reopening amidst the pandemic. It will also enhance online teaching methodologies and gain a much simpler student-teacher discussion.

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