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Importance of tailoring your Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Strategy.

Hostile Vehicles threaten the safety of the public and buildings, consequently, affecting organisations’ business operations and reputations. Therefore, those with accessible areas to the public, in general, are taking the effort to understand and mitigate the risk posed by hostile vehicles.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) solutions vary based on the building features and urban design of the space, crowd size and vehicle management of the location. Thus, a ‘one size fit approach does not work.

To develop effective designs that offer protection from hostile vehicles, security design considerations and decisions are of utmost importance.

  • When installing Vehicle Security Barriers, an HVM tool, strategies must be tailored based on factors like the presence of underground blockage, ground conditions, and perceived calculated impact loading for the barriers to be effective.

  • Ascertaining the hostile vehicle risk and balancing it with the needs of the normal users of the space is also crucial. Other than safety, the functionality of spaces is important. That is why a vulnerability assessment should be conducted to understand what impact the recommended HVM measures have on the functional needs of the space such as traffic management.

After all, over-engineering results in solutions to problems that do not exist yet and create needless complexity, cost, creation of vulnerabilities to other risks.

  • It cannot be stressed enough but security measures must be reviewed and adapted regularly with evolving threats and terrorist methods.

In ESCO, we will support you in the design process and the implementation of your Hostile Vehicle Mitigation strategy, based on your site applications and customised requirements.

Our products range from:

  • Active and passive barriers

  • Conventional depth fixed

  • Removable and automatic bollards

  • Innovative shallow foundation solutions for both active and passive bollards

  • Wedge blockers

  • Crash Beams

  • Drop Arm Barriers

  • Gates

All our products have been physically impacted and tested by internationally accredited testing agencies like American ASTM F 2656, British PAS 68 and the latest IWA 14-1.

No matter how similar you think the surrounding setup is, it is paramount to customise your hostile vehicle mitigation strategy based on a specific and unique assessment of your site.

Contact COLCOM at today for more details and a free consultation.

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