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What’s Hybrid? A Strategy for Building Flexible Workspaces Recap

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

We have recently held a webinar with InAVate and Microsoft discussing the issues encompassing the new Hybrid Workplace. There were a lot of attendees that came from various industries ranging from IT to Finance that attended the webinar to understand and learn more about the Hybrid Workplace. It was an insightful and engaging webinar as attendees were given the chance to ask questions regarding their interests and concerns in the Hybrid Workplace. Moreover, the participants were able to hear from leading industry leaders about their perspectives on the issues surrounding the Hybrid workplace. Below are some of the insightful views given by our special guests.

Question: Define the Hybrid Workplace.

‘’When I look at Hybrid, to me, is anytime and anywhere access to work. I have personally been working remotely for 15 years of my career where I’ve been able to work from home but what change, given the pandemic, essentially overnight, went to 100% and that to me is where this whole concept of hybrid came to be. If I had to summarize how we think of Hybrid Workplace or how Microsoft view Hybrid Workplace, it to provide everyone, all users, regardless of type, a secure platform to be able to seamlessly collaborate with anybody from any devices on any platform in a preserved manner. ‘’

- Patrick, Sales Lead, Intelligent Edge, APAC and India, Microsoft (Teams)

‘’I think broadly speaking, what hybrid means to most people today is, you have a portion of your workforce working from home or working from anywhere and the rest working in a physical office premise. One of the things we must recognize is a cultural shift in moving to such an environment. It’s how you can get the workforce to work together as seamlessly as possible when they are all over the space, ‘’

Christopher Lim, General Manager, ESCO Pte Ltd.

‘’From my perspective at least, when we say Hybrid Working, so much has changed in the past 2 years or so. Remote working has always been a larger part whereby you can just have your device with you and take it to cafes like Starbucks and start on your work. Especially in those situations, it is more applicable to smaller businesses where they do not have so much money to invest in an actual office space. Hybrid work to me is anywhere you work and empowering employees and people to make choices that they are comfortable with,’’

Zane, Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft (Surface)

Want to learn more about the Hybrid Workplace but missed the webinar? You can now watch the webinar session below!

If you have missed the webinar, you can watch the whole session in the video below.

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