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COLCOM is the answer to your needs for integrated technology solutions and services in the realm of professional audio-visual and information communication solutions.

In a Meeting

staff across asia
Team of professionals delivering excellence

Located across Asia

revenue in 2020
Listed as Singapore Fastest Growing Companies in 2019, 2020, 2021

satisfied clients
Completed over 5000 projects to date

The COLCOM Values

ColCom helps organisations and their stakeholders achieve fulfilment in their use of technology for communication and collaboration.


We integrate solutions tailored to their unique needs in a way that enhances user experience; keeping it intelligent, innovative and simple.


We do this by harnessing our combined skills with professionalism and passion, challenging our limits to expand our horizons, ushering in growth and prosperity for our families.

Core Competencies.

Glass Conference Room

Designing and building solutions according to your needs.

Training and Education on the usage of system.


Supplying Audio Visual hardware

Designer On Computer
Audio Visual Equipment

Testing and Commissioning of systems.

Configuration and Programming.

Maintenance for Longevity

of systems.



We believe in enabling an open and harmonious environment for our people to excel and attain fulfillment in what they do.  

We cherish our culture that exemplifies teamwork, trust and mutual respect. 

We embrace diversity and are not restricted by proximity or hierarchy ensuring open and easy communication.  

We strive to build lasting relationships with our team and partners &aspire to remain their preferred choice perpetually.



We are passionate about the things we do.  


We believe in: 


  • Passion for excellence, that brings success as natural outcome. 

  • Passion for innovation ensures sustainability of the company, our values and the solutions that we offer.



We invest in knowledge and learning to share the resultant benefits with our partners. We believe a competent team breeds productivity and efficiency.  


We deal with our partners with utmost transparency and sincerity. We take personal ownership of our work and possess an unwavering commitment to do right by our people and partners.

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