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Anti-Crash Retractable Bollards


Anti Vehicle Fence Range

Each Product is tested to international testing standards like American ASTM F 2656, British PAS 68 Standard.

Each variation of the anti-vehicle fence system has been crash tested to BSI PAS 68 with a 7,500kg vehicle at 30, 40 and 50mph, achieving between 2-4m penetration. The fence system itself is composed of anchor posts, line posts, wire rope and mechanical fittings. A detailed installation methodology can be found in the manufacturer’s installation manual and the associated general arrangement drawings.

Product Specifications

Bristorm Zero Fence

ASTM F2656 tested and rated


Bristorm Fence System

BSI PAS 68 tested and rated


Bristorm ZERO Anti-Vehicle Fence

ASTM F2656 tested and rated


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