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SiliconCore Technology is an innovator and manufacturer of cutting edge LED Displays, and laser diode controls.

The company was founded in 1997 in Milpitas, California, USA, based on the talents of the founder Eric Li and his team of engineers in designing integrated circuits used to control laser diodes. The company has grown from its success in creating a chip designed to run the lasers in DVD-RW drives used in personal computers, with shipments of over 100 million units per year.

Discoveries made during those early years led the company to file for several patents relating to driving LEDs, including innovations in Common Cathode Technology. This was initially used in our family of driver chips, but when applied to LED Displays it means we can achieve pixel densities that have never been seen before.

The flagship model, the Lavender 1.2mm achieves full HD at just 110” and has a viewing distance of less than one metre. This revolutionary pixel pitch makes LED accessible for close proximity applications within corporate, command and control, simulation and retail, all at a fraction of the power consumption of traditional displays.

The screens are also extremely power efficient, requiring no air conditioning or even fans to cool them and generating no noise, making the them perfect for corporate and indoor applications like never before.

SiliconCore Technology now has offices in 3 continents to service our growing team of system integrators. These partners can deliver total solutions to financial institutions, military control rooms, retail stores as well as the broadcast and transportation industries.

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