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ATG ACCESS- Designed for Security, Engineered to last.

ATG Access provides intelligent, physical security solutions to both urban and industrial sites around the world. Keeping people and places, safe. ATG Access offers a wide range of impact tested high-security bollards with PAS 68, IWA 14 and ASTM ratings.

Fixed Bollards

Automatic Bollards

Shallow Mount High-Security Bollards

Removable High-Security Bollards

Manually Retractable High-Security Bollards


We at COLCOM offer a wide range of HVM products, including bollards, gates, road blockers, barrier systems and tyre killers, all designed to guarantee the highest level of security. They can be installed individually or in conjunction with other products.

Our HVM team has developed a range of projects for embassies, government buildings, airports, and ports. As a result, our solutions can integrate with existing or new site control systems regardless of their access control capabilities.

In our Integrated HVM schemes, we aim to research the co-existing blast effects and collateral damage of such as terrorist attacks.

At COLCOM, Managing risks is what we do best.


For Queries, please email us at or call on +91 9999611384

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