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AV o IP Solutions

The pro AV industry has grown accustomed to AV over IP. What are the reasons for this trend? Using a local area network, businesses can send high-quality images and video in real-time and in real-time. Full HD and 4K/Ultra HD content can be sent with ultra-low latency and audio can be dynamically added with the latest AV over IP technology.

With AV over IP, organisations can easily transfer rich and varied content between locations, eliminating the distance limitations of traditional AV methods. There is no limit to the distance your content can travel over your network.

Why you should use AV over IP in your Spaces?

AV o IP (Audio Visual over IP) allows audio and video transmissions directly through IT infrastructures in an easy-to-manage and flexible manner.

AV over IP systems provides tremendous flexibility when integrated into existing networks or specific AV networks, increasing adaptability and scalability. Gives you the possibility to transport audio, and video, and control them anywhere you need them by removing the source and destination limitations.

Can AV over IP add value to an organization?

High-Scale: Systems that are network-based are highly scalable, allowing you to accommodate many sources and endpoints. They can also distribute content over long distances.

Cost-Effective: An alternative to traditional AV methods is routing content through a computer network switch.

Flexible Management: With AV-over-IP, IT experts can leverage their data networks as the transport framework for AV and deal with their AV network with recognizable exchanging innovation.

Do you want to implement AV over IP? Contact our specialists to find out how we can help you with the best solutions.

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