COLCOM; Partners with Space Connect

We are pleased to announce Space Connect as our partner. Space Connect is the most affordable and fully-featured workspace management platform around. With its incredibly fast speed of deployment and self-configured setup, Space Connect is the most convenient way to optimise your workplace. The solution offers unrivalled flexibility and no long-term commitment is required. Space Connect has developed a comprehensive range of solutions in the form of a desk, room, and visitor management; all of which encompass several COVID-19 prevention enhancements (such as cleaning alerts and visitor pre-screening questionnaires), to support your office returning to the workplace.

Covid -19 Social Distancing + Contact Tracing in the workplace.

Software that supports a safe transition back to the workplace.

Bookable, Agile, and Fixed Desk Management

Space Connect has developed a range of features to further enhance our existing capabilities to ensure a safe workplace environment.