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COLCOM Retreat Summit 2024: Uniting in Goa for Collaboration and Growth.

Updated: 2 days ago

Three days of collaboration, innovation, and team spirit in the vibrant setting of Goa! From April 19th to 21st, our regional teams united under one roof alongside Sujith Sivaram, and Amit Palekar, all the way from Singapore.

Day 1 kicked off with breakfast and exciting team-building activities, followed by an unforgettable cruise aboard the Deltin Royale.

On Day 2, after another hearty breakfast, we dove into informative sessions with Aman Shah and Wahid from Crestron, and Yogesh Kale from Jabra, unveiling new features and fostering fruitful discussions. Our annual presentation, coupled with motivational speeches from our management including Amit Palekar, Sujith Sivaram, Nawal Khurana, and Soheb Siddiqui, set the tone for future success. Despite the cancellation of water sports due to heavy rains, we transformed the evening into a memorable affair at Elrow, donning floral outfits for a cocktail dinner filled with laughter, dance, and camaraderie.

While some of us extended our stay due to flight rescheduling on the 21st, the rest enjoyed a day of water sports, further solidifying our bonds as a team.

COLCOM Retreat Summit 2024 was not only a fun-filled getaway but also a platform for strategic planning and team growth. Here's to our collective success and the memories we've made together!

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