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Collaboration Reimagined: Understanding the Value of Corporate Training

In this webinar, ESCO is honoured to invite guest speakers, Sanjay Rekhi - Head of Channel Sales from Zoom, Leslie Wee - Head APJ from Class, Mani Nathan - Head of Channels - Video Collaboration; and Japer Yeo, Group Marketing and Business Development Manager to represent ESCO. All guest speakers offer their perspectives on the reimagined collaborative environment, particularly in the area of corporate training.

Several areas of the topic were discussed. It started off with how the guest speakers envision a seamless corporate training environment, where companies across different industries are aiming towards.

How would you envision a seamless corporate training environment?

Elements like convenience and benefits, whereby training can be conducted anywhere at any time, are highlighted to be fundamental.

In contemporary times, keeping abreast of new information and knowledge is a challenge. Therefore, there is a shift in employees’ expectations towards a balance of work performance and capability building. A hybrid corporate training environment offers them the efficiency and flexibility to increase their knowledge through online means while juggling their work obligations.

Involving blended learning, it encompasses the use of integrated video conferencing technology, and digital media with traditional instructor-led classroom activities. This gives the flexibility for participants to customize their learning experience according to their needs. Guided by the three pronged manner, it creates a natural and consistent experience of online learning.

  • Room Setup (Audio and visual)

  • Essential Instructor Tools (E.g. Whiteboard)

  • Classroom-like environment for remote participants (E.g. Same level of participations regardless of locations)

With these elements realised, a key factor that should not be excluded is how corporate training should be supported to take place seamlessly across different geographies and audience size with the right innovation technologies to complement the different platforms. This facilitates a hybrid corporate training environment in a cost-effective manner and makes it possible for large-scale implementation.

How do the solutions from Class, Logitech and Zoom help the employees to reach their full potential?

Organizations choose to adopt online corporate training solutions to ensure that the employees have the essential skills that are required to carry out their job effectively.

Class, Logitech and Zoom work together to provide a unified and collaborative and flexible experience for employees.


To evolve and develop, communications platforms like Zoom make interactions possible with virtual participants. It has supported the world with several features to meet its education-related needs, which brought relevance to the corporate settings. These are some of the following that can create an optimal environment for employees to thrive:

  • Focus Mode (Developed to reduce distractions from educator feedback)

  • Breakout room enhancements (Make content sharing easier, provide more options for room assignments, enable educators/trainers to understand activities within each room)

  • Polling (Helps with quizzing and provides greater interaction)

  • Enhanced smart galleries that work hand in hand with technologies like Logitech Rally Bar (To enable an inclusive environment, whereby all remote participants and trainers are represented equally)

  • Zoom white board (Allows creation, annotation and sharing of ideas from any devices whether or not you are in Zoom meetings which results, in real-time and asynchronous collaboration, as well as, engaging and efficient meetings)

  • Live Translation (Aiming towards 30 languages) and Transcription (Aiming towards 12 language)

As Asia is a diversified, multicultural and multilingual hub, Zoom is committed to removing barriers of effective and dynamic communication. This bridges communication gaps across the global workforce and provides endless learning opportunities through content sharing, cross-country interaction and engagement.


Beside helping learners to connect visually and audibly, Class provides a whole set of capabilities and tools focused on learning, teaching and engagement. It takes into account of different elements like technologies, material engagement and course design, making it easy for trainers to achieve the following:

  • Flexibly deliver any/different type of content to breakout rooms

  • Target different learners based on their interest and skill level (E.g. using case studies)

  • Reaching out to learners in a manner they can relate to

Above all, it supports the application of technologies in the relevant manner to engage their stakeholders and employees to reach their potential.


Logitech focuses on enriching the human experience and human touch through its solutions that have the following features:

  • Speaker Tracking function (Makes it able for instructors and participants to connect in one on one manner when instructors are moving around the room)

  • Logitech stripe (Has AI features which allow participants sitting in the room to clearly see what is been brainstormed on the whiteboard)

  • 4K video camera (To be aware of participants’ expression e.g. how they react to instructors’ explanation)

  • Logitech Rally Bar (With this, trainers can use the Zoom room smart gallery feature to create individual video feeds for in-room participants providing remote learners and trainers with individual clear view of each participant.)

Logitech fully takes advantage of what Zoom and Class have to come together as an all in one single solution, and enhance employees’ learning experience.

What is your take on the future of online learning and beyond?

While organisations recreate a culture of continuous development, employees are not only in pursuit of flexible learning, but also, an integration of life between work, training and family. Hybrid working can help both organisations and employees work towards these goals.

However, an unsuccessful hybrid working model has a negative impact on employees outcome relating to employee retention, engagement, productivity. Therefore, it is important to mitigate such risks.

To mitigate such risks, the future of online learning has to be geared towards the preparation of the right solutions to make organisations flexible and adaptive to changing environmental needs and maintain business continuity.

Efforts are invested into providing a consistent level of training and equipping employees with the right training tools through an online mode. With that, employees can get up to speed, increase their work ability and confidence, which positively impacts employee retention.

Online learning has evolved from a learning management system, to conferencing and synchronous learning for the past years, and will continue to accelerate in its evolution.

However, it is essential not to overlook humanisation of the learning experience. it. Hence, the combination of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Hologram will be gaining traction in the future of online learning as it contributes to human engagement.

If you are interested to find out more about our partners’ solutions and how it can shape an ideal corporate training environment, please contact us at To watch the full recording of the webinar, please visit

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