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Crestron Flex

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Designed to make Video Conferencing, Content Sharing and Communication easy in the modern workplace - with Microsoft Team and Zoom Room integrated to address the challenges for collaboration with the Hybrid Workforce.

A solution for every way you want to communicate.

Crestron Flex gives you the versatility to deliver choice and performance on any platform in every device. Plus one consistent experience everywhere. Choose either a standard system with single display support or an advanced system with features such as dual-mode technology, intelligent cameras and dual display support.

A one-stop for technology across the modern workplace.

Solution for any way you want to Connect, Command and Control.

One solution that works with what you have today. And what you may need tomorrow.

Microsoft Teams® is natively integrated into every Crestron Flex product. Now that’s collaboration at work.

Any UC Platform   Bring Your Own Device Connect any laptop via a USB and Crestron Flex supports any of the most popular collaboration platforms. Now that's teamwork.

Crestron Flex offers the simplicity of Zoom Rooms™ software built right into every device. Now that’s simple. Contact COLCOM at for Technical Consultation to find out more.

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