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Embrace Microsoft Teams with Yealink Video Device Solutions.

In the modern workplace, video meetings are commonly used to communicate and collaborate. In addition to enabling instant collaboration and communication, video meetings can foster productivity and spark innovation in a team's work.

Yealink video device solutions fully integrate with Microsoft Teams and cover all meeting room sizes. All you need for a Microsoft Teams meeting is included in the package. Providing premier audio and video quality, the solutions enhance teamwork across all meeting spaces and make teamwork more efficient.

MVC 640

For small and medium rooms

Yealink MVC640 Microsoft Teams Room comes packed with the MCore mini-PC, UVC84 4K camera, MSpeech speakerphone, and touch panel to allow users to interact, connect, and collaborate with internal and external users seamlessly and intelligently.

MVC 840

For medium and large rooms

A powerful video solution for large meeting rooms, Yealink's MVC840 Microsoft Teams Room includes a MCore mini-PC, touch panel, UVC84 4K camera, VCM34, and MSpeaker II audio system, enabling seamless and intelligent interaction between internal and external users. And collaborate with internal and external users seamlessly and intelligently.

MVC 400

For huddle and small rooms

With the integrated AI-powered camera, microphone arrays, and speaker, the Yealink UVC40 offers a video and voice experience. As a result of the MTouch II and the MCore mini-PC, Yealink MVC400 delivers a dedicated MTR system for focus rooms and small conference rooms.

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