Entering the New Era of Hybrid Workplaces

Ever wondered if Hybrid Workplaces will ever work in the future and what technologies are used to make this model successful? Follow Trish, Marketing Executive, as we get to know more in depth about how this Hybrid Workplaces will soon be the next big thing in the future...

In the wake of the pandemic, the usual ‘’stay at home, stay safe’’ saying is slowly fading away. Knowing this, organizations are slowly starting to implement remote working arrangement and policies to allow their employees to adjust to the new normal. This allows a small proportion of the employees to work from home and the rest to work from office as social distancing will still be in for a long time. Unlike companies like Facebook and Twitter whereby they allow their employees to continue to work from home forever, it is highly unlikely that all companies will follow these two companies. This is how we enter into the new era of the Hybrid Workplace.

A Hybrid Workplace model allows employees to have the freedom to work almost anywhere where they can achieve total productivity to complete their work. Furthermore, a survey conducted by Barco have found that future of workplace is definitely hybrid and companies must be ready to invest in technologies and give adequate support to their employees to enable the hybrid workplace model to be successful.