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Have you been using Zoom? Did you know that Zoom has recently come out with ‘Zoom One’?

Have you been using Zoom? Do you know about ‘Zoom One’?

‘Zoom One’ is the latest offering from Zoom to bring together chat, phone, meetings, and whiteboard into one single solution.

With collaboration being more critical and vital in an organization, Zoom evolved its communications offering by streamlining and packaging it into bite-sized plans which will cater to the current requirements of the modern workspace.

The idea is to allow the IT teams to be able to manage everything in one platform and be able to track as well as push updates in a seamless way.

What are the options?

With six different tiered plans to choose from:

  • Zoom One Basic – free 40 minutes Zoom Meeting (up to 100 pax), persistent Zoom Team Chat, limited Zoom Whiteboard & real-time transcription

  • Zoom One Pro – everything that Zoom One Basic has without any meeting time limits and with cloud-based recording

  • Zoom One Business – everything that Zoom One Pro has with Zoom Meetings (Up to 300 pax) and unlimited Zoom Whiteboard

  • Zoom One Business Plus – everything that Zoom One Business has with Zoom Phone Pro for unlimited regional calling and Zoom’s new translated captions feature

  • Zoom One Enterprise & Zoom One Enterprise Plus- everything that Zoom One Business has with larger meeting capacity and Zoom Webinars, Unlimited Regional Calling is also an additional add-on feature for these 2 plans

There is a plan for every organization to fit its intricate requirements whatever they may be.

Why Zoom One?

Why Zoom One will be ideal for you and your organization is that employees are asking for more flexibility, and it is a must to be able to provide it. But to reach that stage, you would need to be investing in said technology and the good news is that Zoom is able to provide that flexibility & ease of use with its familiar interface while ensuring it is cost-efficient for you.

Contact us to learn more about it or come experience our experience tour where we showcase to you the different use cases on how to maximize and level up your workspace!


​​​​*​​Zoom One solutions and features vary based on plan and regional availability.​​​​​

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