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Hostile Mitigation: Rise of Safe Rooms in Homeland Security

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

In recent years, there has been a growing tendency for public and private organisations to install safe rooms in buildings such as schools, hospitals, sporting venues, governmental facilities, and commercial buildings, etc. In many cases, the safe rooms are multi-hazard facilities designed to protect occupants from man-made threats – such as rocket attacks or armed assaults. The purpose of these safe rooms is to provide the building occupants safe and protected shelter until safe evacuation is possible. In COLCOM we able to design two main types of safe rooms: stand-alone and internal. Both types of safe rooms can be used as dual facilities and can also function as office spaces, calls rooms, storage rooms, etc.

A stand-alone safe room is considered a separate building (i.e., not within or attached to any other building) that is designed and constructed to withstand a hostile human attack. An internal safe room is a specially designed and constructed room or area within, or attached, to a larger building that is designed and constructed to be structurally independent of the larger building, and to withstand a hostile human attack. Some safe rooms are designed to withstand forced entry attempts and to be ballistic or blast resistant. The design involves both the blocking of sightlines to conceal the occupants and the use of Ballistic/Blast resistant materials to minimize the effectiveness of the weapon. In COLCOM we will support you in the design process and as a result the construction of a safe room:

  • In accordance with your desired level of protection

  • Anti-Force entry, Anti-Ballistic or Anti Blast Protection

  • To fit the saferoom with your site characteristics, site constrains and local regulations

  • To fit and integrate to facilitate calling of emergency services like Police/fire brigade

  • Sanitation facilities within the safe room

  • Anti-Tamper Ventilation systems   

  • All proposed design and construction will be endorsed by Structural Engineer

Safe-room designs vary with budget and intended use and are increasingly popular nowadays to protect occupants from various types of emergencies, contact us today for free consultation and more details.

Contact COLCOM at for more queries.

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