HVM Vertical In COLCOM!

Vehicle-borne threats range from vandalism to sophisticated or aggressive attack by determined criminals and terrorists. The payload capacity and mobility of a vehicle can offer a convenient delivery mechanism for a large explosive device.

ESCO has collaborated with several reputed Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) manufacturers from UK, Europe, USA and Israel. Together with our Principals, we specialize in a comprehensive range of HVM products under one roof. We specialize in both active and passive barriers. Our products range from conventional depth fixed, removable and automatic bollards to innovative shallow foundation solutions for both active and passive Barriers. Apart from bollards, we also specialize in a wide range of Wedge blockers, Crash Beams, Drop Arm Barriers and anti-crash Gates.

All our products are tested to international testing standards like American ASTM F 2656, British PAS 68 and latest IWA 14-1. We have products available at all 3 velocity ratings, namely, 30mph, 40mph and 50mph.

Fixed Bollards​