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Introducing the new Yealink + Space Connect integration bundle.

Yealink meeting room panels are integrated with the native Space Connect experience for the first time.

Save 10% on the bundled price of Yealink room panels and the integrated Space Connect Meeting Room Management module, together.

Sleek design combined with simple, adaptable installation.

Yealink Room Panels come with:

With an 8-inch touch panel and anti-fingerprint surface, Yealink room panels provide users with premium, interactive room booking and room status visibility.

  • A quick overview of location and availability

  • Detailed meeting information with an up-to-date scheduling status

  • High visibility color LED bar for indicating room status

  • A single tap is all it takes to reserve meeting spaces for ad hoc meetings

Why Space Connect for meeting room management?

  • Outstanding value and affordability

  • No minimum term, no risk, and completely flexible

  • Super-fast deployment: same-day setup, and multiple sites within less than a week!

  • Easy self-configuration: quickly add and configure desks, rooms, floors, and sites

  • Detailed real-time analytics built-in

Your customers' calendar environment (O365 or Google) is automatically synced by Space Connect, allowing them to schedule meeting rooms online.

As a result, your organization's existing calendar is always the sole source of truth and there will be no booking collisions or confusion. Booking rooms has never been easier, more convenient, or more seamless.

Benefits of Space Connect + Yealink room panel and integration:

• No extra charge for the Room Panel app

• Fully automate the meeting room management process

• See real-time occupancy and availability info, on the fly

• Check into / check out of meetings early

• Extend current meetings

• Use one-tap booking for on-the-fly / ad hoc meetings

Extend your workspace optimization beyond the meeting room with Space Connect’s cloud-based full workplace suite.


Get in touch with us for the best solutions.

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