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Make Hybrid Collaboration Flow in One Click!

No cables, no mess with ClickShare, the agnostic wireless room system.

Do you want to share your screen with the meeting room display and are wondering how to do that? Our wireless presentation solutions keep you connected from the huddle to the boardroom with a unified experience that can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Easily integrate hybrid collaboration into your existing conference room set-up or use it as a stand-alone solution.

Barco ClickShare Conference, a wireless conferencing system that works with any space, allows you to transform any area into a hybrid meeting space. Manage hybrid meetings using any laptop. Video conferences can be hosted with the UC&C solution of your choice, wirelessly using the room camera, microphone, and speaker to ensure that all participants, in-room and remote, can view and hear perfectly. Boost collaboration by enabling team members at the office to connect with remote participants in a matter of seconds.

Better hybrid meetings? Yes!

ClickShare helps you run better hybrid meetings from your laptop.

When you walk into the room, ClickShare automatically connects your laptop to the room's cameras, speakerphones, and soundbar. Start collaborating in no time. No connections, no mess, no delays.

With a single click, share your screen remotely or start a video conference. Ensure all participants are seen and heard, whether they're present in the same room or remote.

Works with the best:

Turn any space into a hybrid conference room. Match ClickShare with the meeting room solutions of these compatible brands and vendors for better video conferencing.

How can ClickShare help you?

Hybrid is here to stay. Dive into the numbers of our latest research. Discover how you can turn hybrid meetings from challenges into opportunities with meeting technology.

  • flexible, agnostic meeting room system for wireless video calls

  • easy video collaboration between remote and in-office workers

  • to prepare your offices for hybrid teams

(Picture courtesy: BARCO)

Great things happen when people click!

ClickShare, the agnostic, wireless room system, makes hybrid collaboration flow, in one click.

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