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Poly E70 Intelligent Camera: Reset The Experience Of The Hybrid Collaboration Room

Smart Camera For Large Meeting Rooms

Introducing the Poly Studio E70, a never-before-seen intelligent camera that super-charges meeting rooms with mind-blowing video quality, state-of-the-art audio features, and next-level analytics. Poly DirectorAI technology enhances the dual lenses with 20-megapixel 4K sensors for a truly unrivalled video experience - perfect for hybrid working environments.

Dual lenses with 20-megapixel 4K sensors are boosted by Poly DirectorAI technology to create a completely unrivalled video experience – for hybrid working environments.

Poly Studio E70 provides large meeting rooms with a seamless transition between a wide-angle and a narrow lens. Everyone in the room is seen in sharp detail.

Pinpoint-accurate speaker tracking and professional-quality group framing from poly director AI. Poly DirectorAI technology creates an unparalleled video experience. It's like having a director in the room with you to make sure everyone is seen clearly, perfect for hybrid meetings. We thought of everything when we designed this one – including enhanced security with a motorized, integrated electronic privacy shutter.

  • Dual lenses with 20 megapixels 4K sensors

  • AI-driven camera array

  • Motorized, integrated electronic privacy shutter

  • Includes Poly Lens management software

  • Connects to Poly G7500 and Poly Microsoft Teams Room

  • High-End Optics

Life-like video with dual lenses, each with its own 20 megapixels 4K sensors

  • AI-Driven Camera Aaray

Super-targeted speaker tracking and professional-quality group framing with Poly DirectorAI

  • Privacy Shutter

Enhanced security with lightning-fast motorized, integrated electronic privacy shutter

  • Management's A Breeze

Easy management with Poly Lens ensures high uptime and provides advanced analytics

  • Advanced Analytics

Get the full picture about your environment with advanced analytics from Poly Lens

Scalable Management with Intelligent Insights

Poly Lens software gives IT teams visibility and control over voice, video, and headset devices. Deploy, configure, update, and get valuable insights from one endpoint or thousands using one scalable platform. Poly Lens makes it simple: no heavy IT lifting is required.

Contact us at if you would like to know more about Poly Solutions.

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