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Revolutionize collaboration with ELMO Board.

Enhancing your collaboration nowadays can be so easy. Either with people in the workspace area or in the hybrid space area. The development of technology successfully makes everything goes easier. The same things happen on ELMO Board. Elmo board- R3 version is a brand new innovation distribution for more interactive and effective collaboration that brings you into the technology.

You might be familiar with ELMO as the trailblazer in technology, consistently refining its innovations up to the present day. Introducing the ELMO board, a straightforward answer to your collaboration needs across various industries.

What will you get from its technology? Discover Below!

  • Wide range of board screens with 4K Ultra HD Display

Big and bigger. That’s what you will get in this board device. In a meeting or presentation, we need such a big screen with clear visuals too. You will get 2 smart magnetic pens to support your presentation. It can make us easier to do a more interactive collaboration. Information can be more detailed, and visuals of the content or participants can be great too.

  • Build in Android 9.0 & OPS Slot

ELMO makes space for your needs. For the software, ELMO Board mainly has an operating system in Android 9.0. You can easily operate software to boost your collaboration, including ELMO Note, ELMO Camera, E - Browser, and many more! Also if you want to input the Windows operating system, ELMO provides OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) slot which is a great solution. Both software can do wireless screen share too from your technology device.

  • Connectivity with ELMO Document Camera

One last thing, ELMO Board can too connect with all ELMO Document Cameras. For ELMO MX-P3 you can directly connect to ELMO Board by magnetic tech, so you can use it as a webcam as well.

If you're interested in exploring ELMO Board benefits for your organization, you can reach out to Bring your integrated communication technology solutions with COLCOM — #ExcellenceDelivered


Written By:

Yonatan Septian Partadarsana

ESCO, Indonesia

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