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The Newest Member of the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S Family!

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Enable teamwork anywhere with the Surface Hub 2S family of devices, a Microsoft Teams-certified meetings platform and modern collaborative canvas that brings teams together. Remote or in the same space, from a personal office to the conference room, Surface Hub 2S can bring people together wherever they work.

Now Available in 50'' and 85'' display.

Surface Hub 2S 85'' includes: (1) Surface Hub 2S 85'', (2) Surface Hub 2 Pens, (1) Surface Hub 2 Camera.

Surface Hub 2S 50'' includes: (1) Surface Hub 2S 50'', (1) Surface Hub 2 Pen, (1) Surface Hub 2 Camera. Additional accessories sold separately.

Understanding the needs of the new hybrid workplace.

At 77.4” in width, the Surface Hub 2S 85” provides over six feet of space edge to edge

on an anti-glare 4K screen large enough to accommodate distancing participants with

good viewing angles anywhere in the room. Use your own personal Surface Slim Pen

on Surface Hub 2S if you choose and join a meeting from your personal PC or mobile

through Proximity Join and Coordinated meetings through Microsoft Teams to

minimize physical contact when necessary.

Both the Surface Hub 2S 50” and the Surface Hub 2S 85” ship with a wide field of view

a camera that easily captures participants who are distancing further apart. The six-element,

Teams certified microphone array can capture participants who are further apart

than usual while continuing to reduce background noise with beamforming, automatic

gain correction, and noise reduction.

The Steelcase Roam cart allows you to easily move the Surface Hub 2S 85” or the

Surface Hub 2S 50” to wherever it is needed. If a particular space is getting too

crowded, simply move to a less crowded space and stay in your flow.

Steelcase Roam™ Mobile Stand for Surface Hub 2S 85"

Move Surface Hub 2S 85'' easily on smooth-rolling casters for on-the-go transitions throughout any space. Locking caster options provide added stability and safety.

Move with ease!

Surface Hub 2 Pen

Use the Surface Hub 2 Pen for enhanced collaboration. It delivers precision Surface inking scaled to the large screen and is so responsive it feels like ink is flowing from the pen tip. Surface Hub 2S 50'' includes 1 Surface Hub 2 Pen. Surface Hub 2S 85” includes 2.

Get precision Surface inking scaled to the large screen of Surface Hub 2S.

Surface Hub 2 Camera

Everybody's in the same room with this powerful 4K camera. It delivers a full field of view that captures the room and remote meeting participants in lifelike detail. One Surface Hub 2 Camera included with Surface Hub 2S purchase.

Makes a perfect replacement for the camera included with Surface Hub 2S!

Remote and hybrid work brings benefits but also challenges!

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