The Video Conferencing Decorum: Is having the webcam on necessary for all virtual meetings?

Ever since the pandemic, we have found ourselves working from the comforts of our homes and attending more virtual meetings to stay connected with one another. The daily virtual meetings have made us accustomed to its’ decorum. Some of these include having to have your webcam on at all times, dressing up appropriately and having to call in from a quiet, professional space in your home. However, one of the issues surrounding video conferencing etiquette is whether there is a need to have webcams on during the entire virtual meeting. Engagement, bandwidth issues and personality differences are some of the reasons that contributed to the argument of whether there is always a need to have your webcam on during the meeting. Follow Trish, our Marketing Executive, as we dive into the issue of video conferencing decorum from the perspective of an introvert…

I was awakened by the smell of petrichor on a cold Monday morning. Being a pluviophile and an introvert as I am, I couldn’t help but enjoy the piquant weather while I sipped on my iced cold brew and got some work done in my humble adobe. The process repeats every day ever since the Covid-19 pandemic. As an introvert, I began to enjoy working from home because I do not have to deal with the energy-sapping extroverts in the open space office and constantly being prevailed over by more vocal peers in meetings.

Having to work from home, I began to attend more virtual meetings than regular face to face meetings. Being an introvert, I do appreciate virtual meetings because I do not have to be conscious and worr