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Transform Your Meeting Space: 5 Benefits of Crestron's Automate VX

In today's world, technology is a big part of our lives, including how we work. Online meetings have become very popular because they allow people to talk and work together from different places. It's important to make sure everyone has a good experience during these online meetings. By using the right technology, we can make these meetings smooth and enjoyable for everyone, helping teams to work better and achieve their goals.

Today, we're excited to introduce a new product from Crestron: The Automate VX Multi-Camera Speaker Tracking Solution. This new camera has amazing features that will elevate your online meeting experience like never before. Let's explore the 5 key benefits of the Automate VX.

1.      Elevate Your Meeting Experience

Meetings are better when everyone can join in naturally. Automate VX employs multiple zoom cameras and voice-activated switching. This feature will give remote participants a clear view of everyone in the room and make them feel involved in the meeting.

2.      Seamless & High-Quality Meetings

Just like a conductor, Automate VX listens to the microphones and moves the cameras accordingly. It switches between speakers automatically, it also captures non-verbal cues such as eye contact, gestures, and reactions which make your meeting more engaging.

3.      Customize Your View with AI

Automate VX offers customizable views, whether you need close-ups of individual speakers or a wider shot of the group. Each speaker is perfectly framed, maintaining the overall context of the meeting.

4.      Fits Any Room Size

No matter the shape or size of your meeting room, Automate VX adapts to your meeting space. You can set it up however you like, whether it's a solo presentation or a group brainstorming session.

5.      Plan Ahead with Ease

With the Intelligent Video Room Designer tool, you can see how Automate VX fits into your rooms before you even set it up. It's simple and ensures everyone gets the best experience, whether they're in the room or remote.

These are some of the benefits of Automate VX from Crestron, which has all the features that will enhance your meeting experience like never before! Reach out to COLCOM if you are ready to upgrade your meeting room to the next level.


Written By

Ganyanat Boonto

ESCO, Thailand

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