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UNIFY. Experience the future of Boardrooms.

Integrated. Intelligent. Immersive.

Join The Boardroom Revolution.

With 'Unify', your meetings and collaborations will be simpler and smarter. An all-in-one solution designed for conference rooms, eliminates the need for multiple devices and combines them into a single, elegant package. Diagonal sizes range from 108" to 325".

Experience Larger Than Life Immersive Prowess.

High brightness mode with eye protection mode In HDR 10 technology, super fine resolution with 0.9 mm pixel pitch.

Boost Productivity With Quad-View Technology

Use Quad View Technology to share content from four unique devices simultaneously and increase the efficiency of meetings.

Wireless Mirroring

Enjoy superfast screen mirroring from any device (laptop/tablet/phone) wirelessly.

One-Click Mirroring

Eliminate clutter and complex mirroring settings. Mirroring your device is as simple as clicking on the dongle, and you can project your device with just one click.

Seamless Remote Collaboration

Take your meetings to the next-level with in-built virtual collaboration applications like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Virtual Collaboration Room

Device-less meeting with a single click. Now join virtual meetings without the need for any peripherals like laptops or tablets and quick start the meeting with a single click.

Reverse Screen Mirroring

Get complete control of the screen to take screenshots, notes, drawings, annotations, PPT etc.

Realtime Cloud Monitoring

Our smart diagnostic technology monitors and reports the real-time status of the display components for critical applications. Track pixel failure, cabinet voltage, temperature, humidity, and fan speed from the comfort of the control room.

Unify Is Powered By Xtreme Signage.

All our screens are powered by our proprietary signage called Xtreme Signage. By combining content creation and sharing with advanced analytics, this software facilitates a seamless experience.

  • Equipped with a comprehensive Advertising Module

  • Advanced Analytics & AI-enabled cloud monitoring technology

  • Secure with 256-bit encryption

  • Super Interactive & Easy-to-Use UI to enable seamless content creation & sharing

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