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Unlock your next level of collaboration!

Today, hybrid working spaces are the future. Working can be more flexible because there is no need for space in between. Surfacing & breaking the space, make your meeting more effective and collaborative with Room Solutions from Barco & Logitech Technology.

Stay Connected, Go Wireless!

Introducing you, the next level of impactful team collaboration ClickShare Conference from Barco with Logitech Rally, & Rally Plus. We have it in small, medium, & large configurations.

Let’s find more the greatest things about it:

1. ClickShare Conference from Barco

Has it ever crossed your mind, when all team members can collaborate together at meetings? No, that’s not a dream anymore. There’s one stop solutions for integrated & focus meeting with ClickShare Conference from Barco. Just click it through and your presentation is ready in less than 7 seconds. Anyone can use it, both employees & guest both can access it. No need held installation & training. Make it simple and integrated. Very simple and easy to use. Plug USB-C & click it right away. The LED light will turns red and within seconds, you can automatically access all the technology, including camera, microphones, soundbars and any other AV peripheral — Seamless & smooth for your teamwork collaboration.

2. Logitech Rally & Rally Plus

Team contribution in a meeting is very important, right? Don't let outmoded technology disrupt the dynamics of your important conversations. Logitech Rally & Rally Plus is the solutions for clear & focused meeting. If you had medium size meeting room, then you should get Rally (1 camera, 1 speaker, & 1 mic pod) one, but if you had large room size you should go with Rally Plus (1 camera, 2 speakers, & 2 mic pods)

Let’s breakdown it one by one!

Rally Camera

Logitech special camera with 4K maximum resolution & 90° field of view. Can automatically tilt +50° / -90° with auto focus system. Clear visuals for all meeting members in the room. So, no need to worry about blurry issues. Need to see more detail? This device can 5x Opical Zoom & 15x Digital HD zoom which is very cool. Smooth solution for great quality meeting conference.

Rally Mic Pod

Logitech Rally Mic Pod is game changer. Equip with four microphones with eight beamforming elements & it mic range, can be 15 ft / 4.5m diameter.

We know, it’s great. Clear voice for effective discussion on meetings.

Rally Speaker

First camera, second mic, and now we have Rally Speaker. Rally speaker bar with ultra-low distortion speakers which can deliver crystal clear, room-filling sound, make every sound & voice clearly heard.

All these device can be integrated control by ClickShare Conference from Barco. One stop solution for every meeting room device needed.

COLCOM- Delivers well your Audio-Visual Needs.

Seeking a solution that allows you to collaborate wirelessly with one touch? We can help you to find one, contact us on


Written By: Yonatan Septian Partadarsana ESCO, Indonesia

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