Virtual Coffee Chat - An effective way to boost remote productivity

Let's be honest, social distancing made us feel pretty lonely and a bit exhausted, from binge-watching Netflix until 3 am (what day is it anyway?!) Coffee & Breaks! Between adjusting our schedules for our new drive to our home office (laptop in bed), all of this isolation had us dreaming about the days we stepped out of the conference room with our co-workers and headed down the block for a good coffee break and some chit chat.

Nowadays, few companies are comfortable working from home. As they don't see much difference and their utmost priority is employee safety. The question is will this not affect the employee interaction with the management? As most people are more comfortable with face to face interaction. But we do have a solution to it. We can still have a virtual face to face interaction with some amazing sessions that can boost the confidence of employees and management can know their input and feedback. Let's call it Virtual Coffee Chat.

Read this blog to figure out how you can use virtual lunch or coffee breather times to help your