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Why use an ATG Access high-security barrier?

As a leader in hostile vehicle mitigation barriers, ATG Access possesses extensive industry experience. Over the past 15 years, we have designed, manufactured, and tested high-security products. Since then, HVM security products have been used to secure high-profile sites around the world, and we currently offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of BSI: PAS 68, ISO IWA 14-1, and ASTM F2656 rated security solutions.
From design to service and maintenance, we are dedicated to helping you reach your site goals. We offer both an existing product line such as anti-vehicle fences as well as bespoke solutions.

Crash Tested Barriers

ATG Access team has crash-tested countless high-security barriers over the years to ensure they provide you with tested and certified solutions. Security barriers have been tested to the highest standards, such as BSI: PAS 68 and ISO IWA 14-1.
Within our hostile vehicle mitigation product portfolio, we now offer over 60 impact-tested products; ATG Access has been in business for over two decades!

Crash Rated Swing Gates

The ATG Access is the UK's leading provider of crash rated swing gates. Our high-security gates have been crashed tested in accordance with PAS 68, IWA 14-1 & ASTM F2656. We have two different options when it comes to crash rated swing gates - the Cityscape Gate & the Bri-Swing Gate. While the Bri-RISE Gate is a manually operated emergency access gate.
  • Cityscape Gate

  • Bri-Rise Gate

  • Bristorm Bri-Swing Gate

  • Vulcan Long-Span Gate

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Security Barriers

ATG Access is the UK's leading provider of hostile vehicle mitigation security barriers. Designed for counter-terrorism these anti-terror barriers have been crashed tested to BSI PAS 68, ASTM & IWA 14-1 standard.
  • Cedar High-Security Barrier

  • Patriot Beam Barrier

  • Bridge Deck Expansion Beam

High-Security Wire Rope Fence

As part of the Bristorm range, we offer a wide selection of wire rope fences ideal for perimeter security. The anti-vehicle fence is designed for high-security protection and has been crash-tested to BSI PAS 68 and ASTM standards. Whether you're looking to secure the perimeter of a data centre, army base or industrial site, we have the perfect security fence for your needs.
  • Bristorm Beam Fence

  • Bristorm LP Fence

  • Bristorm Anti Vehicle Fence

  • Bristorm Zero Fence

  • StronGuard Beam


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