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Zoom without Distractions

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Picture this: You are in an important Zoom meeting trying to close a huge deal with a prestigious client but you couldn’t hear clearly through your personal earphones, and to make things worst, there are so much noise in the office, from the excessive chatters happening around your surrounding and the endless flipping of papers nearby. The client couldn’t hear what you were saying and eventually, the deals fall off. You wouldn’t want to be caught in this situation.

This is one of the many issues faced in a modern workplace. A study conducted by Insight has found that almost 52% of employees are interrupted by noise distractions in the office more than five times a day. This could have happened due to the new and popularised open space concept implemented by many companies to promote active collaboration between colleagues. Furthermore, with the proliferation of Zoom meetings, the need to block of noise distractions in the office is of paramount importance to improve employees productivity in the office. Thus, companies should start investing in high-quality headphones for their employees to have a better video conferencing experience with clients and colleagues.

Unsure of which headphone to get? Below are 4 popular Poly professional headphones that you can consider getting.

Poly Voyager Series

4220 UC Stereo Headset USB-A

The Poly Voyager 4220 Headset is one of the most popular headphones that are used by office as well as IT professionals. The headset enables the user to enjoy wireless freedom and it has the ability to seamlessly switch between mobile phone and computer/laptop. On top of that, the 4220 UC headsets comes with crystal clear audio that enables you to collaborate and not missed out on any important details during any virtual Zoom meetings. Furthermore, in an open office, Voyager 4220 UC gives you the choice to either block of the noise in the background (stereo) or still hear your surroundings (mono).

If you are in an important Zoom meeting and you are not presenting, you can easily mute yourself with a touch of a button. There are also enhanced voice alerts that tells you the conection status, remianing talk time, mute status and more. What’s interesting about this headset is that your colleagues in the office will be able to know if you are in a call with someone because of the red call indicator light.

The 4220 UC headset has up to 12 hours talk time, 15 hours listen and 13 days standby time and only takes 90 minutes to be full charged.

Focus UC B825 No Stand

Poly Voyager Focus UC B825 is suitable for those who would like to cancel the noise distractions in the office. The wireless headsets help you to focus on important Zoom meeting conversations with it’s sophisticated noise cancelling and immersive stereo sound. It is built with a three precision-tuned mics and muting option that enables you to concentrate on the meeting.

What’s interesting about this headset is whereby they are equipped with smarts sensors and dynamic mute alert. For example, if when a calls comes in, your music will automatically stop and when you try to talk while your microphone is muted, the Dynamic Alert will give you an audible reminder.

The B8225 has a talk time that is up to 12 hours and you only need 90 minutes for the headset to be fully charged.

Poly BlackWire Series

BW3325 USB-A

The BW3325 headsets are perfect for those who prefer a more modern and stylish design, yet comes with high-quality audio, pillow-soft ear cushions and 180 degree pivoting speakers. With the BlackWire 3325, you can enjoy excellent audio quality for your Zoom meetings without any noise distractions. It comes with a noise-cancelling microphone and hi-fi stereo sound options.

You can connect quickly and easily with any devices and what’s more, it comes with leatherette ear cushions, a travel pouch and a 3.5 mm connector for mobile and tablet. The modern and sleek design is lightweight and it offers durability which enables you to bring it anywhere and everywhere.

BW3220 Office Headset USB A

As for the Poly Blackwire 3220, it comes with a noise-cancelling microphone and hi-fi stereo sound options. It also comes with a dynamic EQ that can optimize call quality and automatically adjusts the settings when you’re listening to music. Just like the Poly Blackwire BW 3325, it comes with a leatherette ear cushion that enables you to fold flat for easy portability.

The difference between the two models is whereby BW3225 model comes with an additional 3.5mm connector whereas the BW3220 does not.

All in all, the proliferation of Zoom meetings have made companies realise that it would be of value for their employees to have at least one professional headset for their Zoom meetings. For those who prefer an entry-level headset, they can get the Poly Blackwire Series that is packed with great functions at a low price, whereas those who prefer more professional wireless headphones can opt for Poly Voyager Series. With the Poly headsets, noise distractions is no longer an issue in the office.

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