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This is how we celebrated Navratri with our Employees!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

An office filled with glory, is probably just what your workforce needs to lift their spirits to work in an office filled with glory and festive atmosphere. Those are the things that make festive celebrations so special.

Different parts of the country celebrate Navratri over a nine-day period. Across religions, people celebrate Durga's birthday in distinctive ways: by dancing with devotion and worshipping her. The avatars of Lord Durga celebrate the victory of good over evil, courage over fear, and determination over dedication. In a workplace setting, why not celebrate these values? If you want to lift the spirits of your workforce, a beautiful, lively, and joyful office is just what you need. It is for this reason that everyone looks forward to festive celebrations.

Nine Nights is what Navratri means in English. During this time, it is important to relax both your mind and body.

So, let’s take a moment and look into the Glimpse 🔎 of how the COLCOM Team aka COLCOM'ITES has celebrated Navratri 2022.

Starting from day one, following some of a specific colour code and theme dressing for a week.

We also had our Mr & Ms Ethnic, it was a tough competition but we have our winners: Mr Hemant Pashte (Account Manager) as a Mr Ethnic and there was a tie for Ms Ethnic.

Do you want to know who is it?

None other than from our Logistics & Procurement Department, Hema Sujith ( Manager Logistics & Procurement) and Shital More (Logistics Executive) aka Ms Ethnic.

Let us know how you celebrated Navratri this year in the comment section below.

Thank You!

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