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Case Study: AV Solutions for a Multinational Semiconductor Company in Singapore

Updated: Nov 28, 2023


This client is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of integrated solutions and systems for a wide range of applications. It is a multinational semiconductor company. To enhance their communication and collaboration capabilities, the client enlisted the expertise of ESCO, an Audio-Visual Solutions Integrator (AVSI), for a comprehensive AV overhaul in their Singapore offices.

This client is a globally recognized company specializing in the design and manufacturing of solutions and systems. With a strong reputation for innovation and excellence, the company plays a pivotal role in various industries, contributing to advancements in technology and communication. While not providing specific details about the company, it is known for its significant impact and leadership in its respective fields.

This case study explores the successful implementation of AV solutions across various types of meeting rooms and spaces within its Singapore premises.

ESCO's solutions catered to these needs by implementing different types of collaboration spaces, each with its own set of AV equipment.

Type 1 - Open Collaboration

At the client's open collaboration spaces, we deployed advanced AV technology to foster efficient teamwork and communication. We provided a 50' LG display along with Crestron HD-TX-101-C-E Transmitter and Crestron HD-RX-4K-210-C-E-POE 4K Multiformat 2x1 AV Switch and Receiver, ensuring seamless communication without any hindrance.

  • 50’LG Display- This display served as a pivotal component to facilitate effective communication and collaboration within this dynamic workspace

  • Crestron HD-TX-101-C-E and Crestron HD-RX-4K-210-C-E-POE- HDMI Transmitter and receiver for further distance which normal HDMI cable would typically drop

Type 3 - BYOD Conference Room

For BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) conference rooms, we created an environment conducive to productive meetings. Equipped BYOD conference rooms with a 43' LG display, Logitech Rally Bar Mini, Crestron HD-TX-101-C-E, Crestron HD-RX-4K-210-C-E-POE, and Logitech Rally Mic Pod, allowing customers to host versatile conferences.

  • 43’LG Display: A high-quality display ensures that presentations are crisp and clear.

  • Logitech Rally Bar Mini: This all-in-one video conferencing bar simplifies setup and enhances audio and video quality.

  • Logitech Rally Mic Pod: This works in conjunction with the Rally Bar mini to extend mic coverage in the room.

Type 4A - Small Meeting Room

In small meeting rooms, the client benefits from a well-rounded AV setup. In small meeting rooms, a 65' LG display, Lenovo PC, Logitech Rally Bar, Logitech RJ45 to USB-A, Logitech Rally Mic Pod, Logitech Tap, and Crestron TSS-770-LB were seamlessly integrated to facilitate productive discussions.

  • 65 ’LG Display: Large displays facilitate effective presentations.

  • Lenovo PC: This is to enable the rally bar to run Microsoft Teams' room without the need for the user to bring their laptop

  • Logitech Rally Bar, RJ45 to USB-A, and Mic Pod: All-in-one video bar

  • Logitech Tap- Room controller for Microsoft Teams

  • Crestron TSS-770-LB: Room Booking panel

Type 4C - Meeting Room X-Large

We also provided top-of-the-line equipment for extra-large meeting rooms, including the Logitech Rally Display Hub, Logitech Rally Speaker, Logitech Rally Camera, 98" LG 4K Display, and a Lenovo PC. This setup ensured that large gatherings and presentations ran smoothly.

  • Logitech Rally Display Hub, Speaker, and Camera: Comprehensive video conferencing solutions.

  • 98" LG 4K Display: Immersive visuals for impactful presentations.

  • Lenovo PC: High-performance computing for complex tasks.

Type 5 - Combine Split Room (2 Room)

For combining split rooms, QSC NC-12x80 cameras, 98" LG 4K Displays, and Q-SYS Network Audio Expanders were implemented to enable flexibility and efficiency during events that required a spacious environment. We tackled the challenge of combining split rooms with the following AV solutions.

  • QSC NC-12x80 Camera: High-quality video capture.

  • 98" LG 4K Display: Large displays for dual rooms.

  • Q-SYS Network Audio Expanders: Seamless audio integration between rooms

Type 6 - Cafe All Hands

Transforming the cafe into a dynamic all-hands meeting space with a multitude of AV equipment, including LG UHD displays, QSC NC-20x60 cameras, Logitech Tap with Dongle Transceiver, Crestron HD-TX-101-C-E, QSC NC-12x80 cameras, and Shure MXWAPT8 Access Point Transceivers. The cafe all-hands area required a versatile AV setup for various purposes:

  • Multiple LG UHD Displays: Large screens for presentations.

  • QSC Camera: High-quality video capture.

  • Logitech Tap with Dongle Transceiver: Wireless presentation capabilities.

  • Crestron HD-TX-101-C-E: HDMI Transmitter for further distance which normal HDMI cable would typically drop

  • Shure MXWAPT8 Access Point Transceiver: Antenna for better microphone coverage

Type 7 - Digital Signage

Digital signage played a significant role in conveying essential information. We installed 55" LG 4K displays with the appropriate brackets to facilitate communication within the workspace. Digital signage was employed for communication purposes:

  • 55" LG 4K Display: Engaging visuals for information dissemination.

  • Bracket: BT8312/B V2: Secure and stylish display mounting.

Type 8 - VP Office

In the VP office, a 55" LG display with a Chief LDB1U bracket, Crestron HD-RX-4K-210-C-E-POE, Logitech Rally Bar Mini, and Crestron HD-TX-101-C-1G-E, installed, ensuring high-quality communication for executive meetings. Client's VP office was equipped with top-tier AV technology:

  • 55" LG Display: High-quality visuals for executive meetings.

  • Logitech Rally Bar Mini: All-in-one video conferencing.

  • Crestron HD-TX-101-C-1G-E: HDMI Transmitter for further distance which normal HDMI cable would typically drop

  • Crestron HD-RX-4K-210-C-E-POE: HDMI receiver for further distance which normal HDMI cable would typically drop


During this project, one of the key challenges that emerged was the dependency on an AV standard based on specific equipment. That standard was chosen for its proven reliability and performance in AV installations. However, unforeseen stock issues disrupted the availability of products, which posed a significant challenge to the project's timeline and implementation.

To address this challenge, the project team proposed an alternative solution by incorporating QSC equipment. QSC, known for its high-quality audio and video products, offered a viable alternative that met the client's requirements and maintained the project's momentum. This shift from Crestron to QSC required careful planning and adaptation to ensure seamless integration and compatibility with the existing infrastructure.

Completing this comprehensive AV integration project required meticulous planning and execution. The project spanned a substantial duration, taking a total of 5 months to reach completion.

  • Installation Challenges: One of the challenges we encountered during the installation process was a breakdown in communication regarding project timing among various trades. For instance, the necessary prerequisites were not completed before the audiovisual (AV) installation was scheduled to begin. Typically, we allocate resources for an event prior to the installation, assuming that all necessary preparations have been made. To address this issue, our Project Engineer conducts a site survey one day before the installation to assess whether the site is ready for the installation to proceed as planned. If the prerequisites are in place, we proceed with the work as scheduled. However, if they are not, we may need to cancel the allocated resources.

  • Other Challenges: Another challenge we faced was related to equipment procurement. The equipment specified in the original consultant's design had significantly longer lead times than anticipated, and in some cases, it exceeded the event's timing. To address this issue, we proposed alternative solutions that would ensure the equipment was available in time to host the events.

  • Input from the Project Team: Additionally, we received last-minute changes in the user interface (UI) and system behavior requested by the client. These changes occurred as the situation evolved, requiring us to adjust the UI multiple times to align with the client’s requirements. In response, our ESCO team consolidated all the requirements and evaluated them from the perspective of an end user. Subsequently, we explained to the client, the benefits of implementing these changes before executing the confirmed alterations. This approach allowed us to ensure a smoother and more effective project execution.

“It was an intense project where what the client initially wanted due to their global standards wasn't available and we needed to find alternatives to it that would ensure that they get the same experience they would have received if they were able to use their global standards.

The client was happy with the product, and we are glad that we managed to deliver!

- Jack Chong


ESCO's expert AV solutions have transformed to client's Singapore office into a hub of innovation, collaboration, and communication. Customer can now conduct meetings, presentations, and collaborative work seamlessly, fostering a conducive work environment that aligns with their global leadership in integrated solutions and systems.

ESCO's collaboration with this project in Singapore exemplifies the critical role of advanced audio-visual solutions in fostering effective communication and collaboration within modern workplaces. From open collaboration spaces to the VP's office, every area is equipped with cutting-edge technology that enhances productivity and efficiency. Customer can now conduct meetings, presentations, and collaborative work seamlessly, fostering a conducive work environment that aligns with their global leadership in integrated solutions and systems. This case study demonstrates how we transformed traditional meeting spaces into dynamic hubs for innovation and productivity.

Written By:

Aashmitha Hira

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