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CASE STUDY- Revolutionary Audio-Visual Integration at a Leading Financial Institution in Singapore

In a dynamic and technology-driven world, the importance of efficient communication and collaboration cannot be overstated. A leading financial institution in Singapore recognized this need and undertook a transformative project to enhance its audio-visual (AV) infrastructure. The extensive AV deployment, led by the ESCO Singapore Team, aimed to modernize, and streamline their communication capabilities across various types of meeting spaces, from medium to extra-large conference rooms, training facilities, and even a collaborative dashboard display.

Medium Conference Internal: The project commenced with the transformation of medium-sized internal conference spaces. These rooms were equipped with top-of-the-line AV solutions, including Logitech Tap with a Dongle Transceiver and Logitech Rally Mic Pod on the tables. Over trolleys, Desktop Computers by Lenovo, and Logitech Tap Receivers, with RJ45 to USB-A Adapters were installed. The focal point of these rooms was the 75" UHD Display by LG, combined with a Logitech Rally Bar Mini and TV Mount for crystal-clear video conferencing.

Medium Conference Internal OFE: The Office Furniture and Equipment (OFE) variant of the medium conference rooms shared a similar setup with mobile carts for flexibility. The 75" UHD Display by LG was mounted on mobile carts, accompanied by Logitech Rally Bar Mini and Desktop Computers by Lenovo, creating a mobile and versatile AV solution for the client.

Medium Conference Client: Medium-sized conference rooms for clients featured 75" UHD Displays by LG on floor stands, ensuring a professional and impressive presentation environment. Logitech Rally Bar Mini and Desktop Computers by Lenovo were deployed, while Shure Intellimix P300 audio conferencing processors and Netgear GSM4212P switches ensured high-quality audio and network connectivity. Ceiling Array Mics by Shure (MXA920) captured crisp audio for an immersive experience.

Medium Conference FW Internal: The medium conference rooms within the financial institution's internal network were further diversified into two distinct rooms. Room 1 boasted a 75" UHD Display by LG, a Logitech Rally Bar Mini, and Lenovo Desktop Computers. Meanwhile, Room 2 featured a larger 98" UHD Display by LG and an extended audio setup, including Shure Intellimix P300 and Shure MXW6C Boundary Mics, providing a comprehensive AV experience.

Large Conference Client: For larger client-oriented conferences, an 86" UHD Display by LG on an XL floor stand took center stage. The Logitech Rally Bar Mini was instrumental for video conferencing, while Shure MXA920 Ceiling Array Mics ensured exceptional audio quality. Net gear GSM4212P switches and the Shure Intellimix P300 audio conferencing processor were deployed for networking and audio processing.

X-Large Conference Client: The most extensive conference space featured powerful FOHHN speakers and amplifiers, delivering high-quality sound. Shure Intellimix P300 handled audio processing, while Netgear GSM4212P switches ensured robust networking. Ceiling Array Mics by Shure (MXA920) captured audio accurately, and Logitech Tap with Dongle Transceiver facilitated laptop connectivity.

Training Room 110’ UC/Hybrid: The training rooms were equipped with 110" UHD Displays by LG, Logitech Tap with Dongle Transceiver, and advanced audio systems. Each room featured Q-SYS technology for seamless video conferencing and collaboration.

Swiss Room, Welcome Screen, Room Booking System: These spaces featured various AV solutions, including wall and ceiling speakers, large UHD displays, and room booking systems for a streamlined experience.

L36 and L37 Pantry: The pantry is equipped with AV systems for entertainment and information distribution. These included display screens, touch panels, ceiling speakers, and more.

Collaboration Internal and Dashboard Display: Finally, the institution established a collaboration room with a 50" Surface Hub, and a dashboard display equipped with 55" UHD Displays for data visualization.

This comprehensive AV deployment transformed the financial institution's meeting spaces into advanced, collaborative environments, enhancing communication and productivity across the organization. The deployment showcases the institution's commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and ensuring a seamless meeting experience for both internal and client interactions.

Challenges Faced and Solutions Implemented:

Encountering challenges is par for the course in any project, and ours was no exception. A distinctive hurdle in this undertaking arose from the fact that our responsibilities extended beyond the typical Audio/Visual aspects. We also undertook the Joinery/Carpentry setup for the Meeting Rooms, incorporating displays and VC solutions.

Specifically, we integrated Media Columns from Holzmedia, modular furniture components designed for independent technology integration. This required coordinating carpenters to assemble these columns, like piecing together a puzzle. While we initially faced some challenges, the team quickly adapted and resolved issues, ultimately mastering the assembly process.

Diverse solutions were introduced during the project, including the adoption of Microsoft Teams Room with a Logitech Hardware Bundle for the Meeting/Board Rooms. Notably, the Pantry Setup, extending across two floors (Level 36 and Level 37), featured an array of advanced components. This encompassed Pro Audio Solutions, Displays, Projectors, Ceiling-Mount Cameras, and Ceiling Mount Microphones, all seamlessly integrated with the Microsoft Teams Room setup. This comprehensive configuration not only facilitated internal town halls within the client's premises but also enabled seamless communication with external participants and vice versa.

We are pleased to share feedback from the client: "I would like to acknowledge the team for their excellent collaboration with Luan and the Team, leading to the successful completion of the office move. The team's collective effort played a pivotal role in ensuring seamless project delivery, overcoming challenges such as delays in hardware delivery."

Nevertheless, we successfully navigated through these obstacles and achieved our goals.

In conclusion, the AV deployment by ESCO has not only enhanced the institution's workspace but has also fostered a more collaborative and innovative environment. With seamless meeting and presentation facilities, the financial institution can continue to lead in integrated solutions and systems, ensuring efficient communication and productivity across its operations. Comprehensive AV solutions have truly transformed the institution's space into a hub for forward-thinking, dynamic work.

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