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ESCO Korea Case Study. Hwaseong city

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Summer 2023 is exceptionally hot due to global warming. Researchers predict that global warming will cause temperatures to rise every summer.

According to the analysis of the International Energy Agency, the globe must make actual greenhouse gas emissions as ‘0’ by 2050, and renewable energy generation facilities need to be expanded about three times more than now to maintain a 1.5degree Celsius increase, the upper limit for temperature rise announced in the Paris Convention. Consequently, governments, businesses, and individuals adopt carbon-neutral practices to combat climate change, including tropical nights and global warming.

What is Carbon Neutral?

Carbon Neutral Activity is an activity that takes corresponding measures as much as carbon dioxide emitted to make real greenhouse gas emissions '0'.

Government agencies monitor energy and emissions, with Hwaseong City in Korea leading in carbon-neutral efforts through its Energy Carbon Neutral Management System Office.

To quantify carbon emissions and renewable energy capacity, Hwaseong City introduced energy demand management and renewable energy plant monitoring solutions and established an energy carbon neutral management system control room to check energy demand and production at a glance.

To manage energy spending for each building in Hwaseong, Hwaseong City installed "Herrit" E-Gateway, an integrated collection of energy data for each building, provides energy integration services such as energy real-time monitoring and demand management functions, and sends the information to cloud-based energy integration platform.

On the other hand, produced renewable energy in Hwaseong City is also linked to 'Herit's RTU solution with power generation facilities to collect power generation status and facility status in real-time and transmit carbon use and energy growth trends to cloud-based renewable energy platforms.

Energy Carbon Neutral Management System Office which is a project we are going to introduce is a solution that provides both two information in one sight.

2x3, 55-inch wall screens from LG were equipped in the Hwaseong Energy Carbon Neutrality Control Center to check the flow of energy consumption in Hwaseong City, designed by ESCO.

The 6 wall screens are designed to bring indicators of energy consumption and energy production together.

The control table is equipped with an IP wall controller with a situation room server program, which processes show that collect information through the E-gateway and RTU and projects on the Video Wall.

If you have any questions about various types of control room and office solutions, including energy control, please contact us at any time!

Closing Statement by Account Manager-

The Korean Government has set an ambitious goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 40% by 2030. For more information on control center solutions and carbon-neutral management systems, please visit or contact them at Join the movement towards a sustainable, carbon-neutral future.

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